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Choosing the Right Makeup for Fair Skin

Are you a person with very fair skin? Others may envy your fair complexion, but they do not know how difficult and frustrating it is to find the right makeup for your complexion.

Even the lightest of the foundation can look too dark when applied to fair skin. You need to be very careful in choosing the right colors that match with your complexion. Shared below are some tips by popular SFX makeup artists to help you find the ideal shades to compliment your snow-white skin.

Work With Undertones

If you believe that your understanding of skin does not need to go beyond fair skin, you are greatly mistaken. Selecting the ideal makeup depends on your undertones also.

While searching for foundation, you may get overwhelmed by the options as almost all the brands offer two to three hues like Cool, Warm, and Neutral, for the same color that are identical in many ways. This means that on the surface, your skin tone is light, but underneath lays a hue of any one of the three types.

Cool: Red, pink, or blue undertones.

Warm: Peach, yellow, or golden undertones.

Neutral: This is a balance between both warm and cool.

The White vs Cream Test

If you are unsure about your undertone, you can do the white vs cream test to know it. To start, take an off white and a white towel. Without wearing any makeup, find out which color compliments your skin tone best.

If it is the pure white shade, then you have Warm undertones. If it is the cream or off white color, that suits you the best, then you have Cool undertones. If both the colors suit you, then you have the Neutral undertone.

The Vein Test

You need to look at the veins at your wrist as well. If the veins are greenish, you have Warm undertones, but if the veins are bluish, you have Cool undertones. If you have both colored veins, or if they appear to be blue-green, it means that you have Neutral undertone.

You can also do a jewelry test to figure out your complexion undertone. If silver jewelry enhances your complexion, then you have Cool undertones, and if gold jewelry looks best on you, then you have Warm complexion. If both complement your looks, then you have Neutral undertones.

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