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How to Look Great on Video – Tips for Men

It is important to wear makeup if you need to look the best on your online video presentations, and this includes men too. Careful application of the makeup is very important not just to get attractive looks, but also to correct the distortions that are caused by the lens of the camera and the lighting. Below are some tips and tricks by commercial makeup artists to help you get ready for camera.

Before starting, you should understand the following important points.

  • Video cameras see things differently when compared to human eyes. What looks good to human eye may not look the same on a camera and vice versa.
  • The way you frame yourself on a camera has a big intuitive impact on the viewers.
  • Understand the facial expressions and angles that work best for you and ensure that you present these to the camera.

Makeup Application for Men

Male anchors and news presenters will never get in front of a camera without professional makeup. They know how much the lighting and camera can detract their features. The important thing for men is to even out the skin tone, cover blemishes and marks, and remove shine to avoid a “chrome dome” on screen.

  • The first thing to do is to get a good haircut and groom your facial hair. You may professionally groom or shape your eyebrows as well.
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly, shave and moisturize. Do not use any SPF as it can reflect light.
  • Gently remove any excess oil or moisture from face using a tissue.
  • Apply translucent powder lightly to your face with a fluffy make-up brush. Do not forget your T-zone, chin, and top lip.
  • Use a tint or base that is a shade darker than your complexion. You can use a professional brand makeup.
  • Use a natural no-gloss and pigment-free lip balm. You may avoid the common big brands as they may dry out the lips.

While working under lights, make sure that the camera does not see you sweat. Check periodically if your face is shiny and make certain that sweat is not showing through your clothes.

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