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A Few Tips for Television Makeup

Most advertising companies hire makeup artists to make their models look stunning and gorgeous in their ads. Most of the television makeup processes are simple and an expert makeup artist can complete the task successfully in a matter of few seconds. Furthermore, television makeup can also be used as an everyday look. Below are a few steps to help you to do television makeup.

Step 1

Initially, add a bit of serum on your face, and then apply a moisturizer on top of the serum to make your skin highly moisturized. The next step is to apply a perfect natural base; it may take a little bit of time and patience to establish a flawless natural base. Also, use a perfect blend of products to achieve the task.

Step 2

Use a brow pencil to draw your eyebrows, following the natural shape of your brow. Draw short lines on your brows, so that you can mimic your hair follicles. Finish up by highlighting the line under your brow bone using a brow highlighter.

Step 3

Use an eye shadow brush and apply shadow to your bowline – start from the outside corner to the middle of the eyelid. If there are any soften up parts, use a blending brush to fix it. Brown or bronzy colored eye shadows are highly recommended here.

Step 4

Apply the lash line by using a small eyeliner brush and a brown gel liner. Draw the line from the outside corner to the middle and make it thin. Use the blending brush to lightly go over the line and blend it together – make sure to bring the line to the inner corner of the eye.

Gel eyeliner is highly recommended here, as they help you to draw a much more defined line and are much softer when compared to other products. Use a smudging brush to sweep the eye shadow under the bottom lash and remove the excess shadow.

Step 5

Apply rosy blush on your cheeks and cheekbones. Try blending different colors to find the apt color for your skin. After that, apply mascara in two coats to achieve a dramatic effect. Powder again for a final touch, and check whether your make up is set or not. Finish off your makeup with a light pink or neutral lip-gloss to increase the overall beauty of your face.

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